About us


About us

Gumaplast d.o.o.

Company Gumaplast d.o.o. was established as a result of many years working in rubber-plastic industry. Gumaplast company development has been lasting for over 50 years through hard work and gaining knowledge in companies RIS and K.K. Zaprešić.

Company is specialized for making products from rubber and plastic masses. At first it was a store with rubber-technical merchandise, but with bigger interest in their products, it recognize advantages of experience and knowledge in production of rubber-technical merchandise, and start to make their own.

Company development

Through the development of rubber-technical products, begins a need for makings products out of plastic masses. The company decided to get their own machines for processing plastic masses so today they make wide spectrum of infused products for various industries.

As the numbers of the queries has increased, the company starts production of soft and hard extruded PVC seals, seals with bilateral self-adhesive tape and coextruded seals.



The company Gumaplast is gradually adopting the modernization of production and business to deliver a product of the required characteristics and quality to each individual customer and business partner in the shortest possible time.

From own production program, gumaplast is offering over 1400 different semi-finished and finished products for various purposes and industries and it does business with over 300 permanent clients and partners. Through the whole development, the company is investing in machine and tool capacity.



Special attention is paid to the activities of efficient waste management. Waste plastic is recycled in our production facility and regularly used as input materials in the production of certain plastic products.

In addition to the existing production program, we are able to offer the production according to the customer requests from various quality materials.


Nova Ulica 1A
10 294 Pojatno


Mobile Phone
+385 98 669 425

Mandatory information

Administration: Ivan Gvozdanović

VAT ID: 81114623811

MB: 05549515

IBAN: HR5323600001102977104


Co-financed by Zagreb County funds